As the business of medicine grows increasingly complex, practice management continues to require more time and energy to be managed and evaluated efficiently.  At MedBridge we aim to alleviate much of the burden you feel from managing and growing your practice and free you to focus your best energy on healing your patients and advancing your craft. Do you desire to pursue greater excellence with your practice operations and services? Allow us to manage all of the details for you.


Clinical Staff Support
MedBridge clinical operations staff will manage and maintain all regulatory requirements, licensing and credentialing standards for the facility. As well as being onsite regularly at your center, our clinical staff will also oversee medicare certification, help facilitate accreditation surveys and screen all interview applicants to ensure that your center receives the best talent.

Revenue Cycle Management
MedBridge will examine your cases for deficiencies in collection habits and ensure balances aren’t just sent for “write-off” or “bad debt.” We will review your payments according to contract provisions and industry standards, identify areas you may be leaving money on the table and ensure payers aren’t getting away with underpayments. MedBridge will also review your coding and documentation against industry standards and payer specific rules. Our goal is always to ensure compliant, accurate reporting of services while maximizing reportable and reimbursable services by payer.

Contracting & Payor Management
MedBridge will review your agreements against your reimbursement history to bring you the whole picture of where your contracted reimbursement stands. We will negotiate new and existing agreements for your facility, review a contract offer if you are out-of-network and reduce the time you would spend attempting to negotiate a deal yourself.

Partnership Management
MedBridge manages partner distributions, equity tracking and annual K-1’s as well as regularly conducts partnership meetings to ensure efficiency.

Human Resources
MedBridge will conduct interviews with partners and key managers, review job descriptions for all personnel, evaluate employee files and analyze compensation profiles and benefits package. After a thorough audit, MedBridge will implement staff development and training measures as well as recruit and hire new employees as needed.

MedBridge accounting team will maintain transparent and excellent records of all cash that goes in and out of the entity. All patient, insurance and adjustment payments are collected, deposited and posted in both our software system and in QuickBooks. MedBridge also tracks accounts receivable using accrual based accounting, which is also detailed in our monthly financials and fully customized dashboard reports sent to the entity partners.

Marketing & Graphic Design
MedBridge marketing team is available to assist in various initiatives regarding the design and content of your centers forms, brochure and social accounts. If your center does not have a current website or needs an update, MedBridge marketing team is available to design your new website, write content and coordinate development.

Information Technology
MedBridge works with its partner, Anchor Point IT Solutions, to manage all printer, copier, telecommunication and e-mail needs as well as ensure a secure server that meets HIPAA compliance requirements.


Simply answer a few questions and we will provide you with more information on our services.