We are well into our second decade of providing management and revenue cycle services exclusively to ASCs. MedBridge breaks the mold by offering a full line of services for all of your ASC or physician practice advising needs. With the movements and transitions that are constantly occurring in the medical industry, it is easy to fall short of your potential when focusing on the clinical end. This is why MedBridge steps in to assess, consult and apply expert knowledge to ensure your ASC or physician practice business is a success!


Best Collections Practices
Inefficient and ineffective collections can impair your ability to hold payers accountable to the money you are due. We can examine your cases for deficiencies in collection habits, where your time and energy could be better spent and what methods are being used to ensure balances are not just sent for “write-off” or “bad debt.”

Optimal Reimbursements
Using our knowledge of outpatient specialties, we will:

  1. Review your payments according to contract provisions and industry standards
  2. Identify areas wherein you might be leaving money on the table
  3. Ensure payers are not getting away with underpayments

Thorough, Accurate Coding
MedBridge will review your coding and documentation against industry standards and payer-specific rules. Our goal is to always ensure compliant, accurate reporting of services while maximizing reportable and reimbursable services by payer.

MedBridge provides detailed reports showing where your practice stands compared to industry standards and payer-specific rules so that you can determine the accuracy of your coders. Through this analysis, MedBridge helps lower your risk for payer audit and ensures accurate billing for every dollar due!

Partnership Advising
As with any investment, ASC Partnership should be undertaken with caution and proper guidance. Just as a financial planner advises your portfolio or a certified public accountant provides tax advice, MedBridge provides ASC Partnership Advising to maximize and protect your ASC investment. Whether you are looking to invest in an ASC or are currently a partner, our expertise can help ensure that you are getting the most out of your partnership.

Financial Assessment
MedBridge will evaluate your center or practice’s current financial state by reviewing the general ledger and evaluating the current bookkeeping methods. MedBridge will then determine areas of improvement and implement bookkeeping best practices. We will also review your balance sheets and income statements.

Business Office Operational Assessment
MedBridge will assess your current accounts payable, pre-operative and scheduling procedures and implement new procedures in order to get the most profitable cases on your schedule. MedBridge will also review your office’s current medical records filing system to ensure maximum efficiency.

Human Resources
MedBridge will conduct interviews with partners and key managers, review job descriptions for all personnel, evaluate employee files and analyze compensation profiles and benefits packages. After a thorough audit, MedBridge will implement staff development and training measures as well as recruitment, hiring and separation best practices.

Contracts Consulting
MedBridge will review your agreements against your reimbursement history to bring you the whole picture of where your contracted reimbursement stands. We can negotiate new and existing agreements for your facility, review out-of-network contract offers and reduce the time you would spend attempting to negotiate a deal yourself.

Clinical Review/Accreditation Prep
MedBridge’s clinical operations staff will consult on all regulatory requirements and provide a thorough review of all licensing, credentialing and life and safety issues for the facility. MedBridge can oversee/provide guidance for Medicare certification and/or help facilitate accreditation surveys (preparation for or day-of management available).

MedBridge will consult on site selection or facility improvements, architect and consultant coordination, design and construction management, OSHPD and other regulatory requirement reviews, and equipment selection and procurement.

Online Reputation Management
The cost of a bad online reputation is staggering. MedBridge offers online reputation management for your ASC and is committed to bolstering your ASC both in and out of the operating room. Our tech-savvy online management team will assess and review your online presence, implement a strategic growth plan and continuously monitor and manage your online activity to ensure that you are controlling your reputation and getting patients to say “yes” to your ASC.


Simply answer a few questions and we will provide you with more information on our services.